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Keeping You Safe On The Road!

Your classic is in very safe hands with the Holden Guru, we ensure your drive is always in top road worthy reliable condition.

The importance of servicing your vehicle is tantamount, like anything mechanical; you have to maintain it to keep it functioning at its best.

Over the years the motor vehicle has evolved and servicing while important can be left for longer periods as much of the newer cars are self lubricated or don't require lubing at all, unlike the older classics that were designed to be greased and serviced much more regularly.

Keeping You Safe On The Road

Under Vehicle Inspection

Many owners of classic cars are not on the road everyday and as such often put off servicing Which is NO! NO! Even if your car is not on the road every day, it is very important that the 'basics' are checked and serviced regularly throughout your car's life, it is very important that the 'BASIC' are checked and serviced regularly during your car's life.

Oil can quickly loose its viscosity over time, so changing the oil is of utmost importance, as is checking your brakes, brake hoses and transmission fluid.

A visual under the vehicle inspection should also be carried out regularly on Steering, Ball Joints, King Pins, Steering Knuckles, Radiator Hoses, Fan Belts, Timing and fuel pump and filter

Under Vehicle Inspection

Servicing Your Classic!

Servicing your Classic or Holden drive at The Holden Guru gives you total confidence that your maintenance, repair or service is carried out to the highest stand and to Holden specifications, using Holden approved parts or parts we have build or made all ensuring your driving pleasure.

Our commitment to bring you the joys of that classic drive do not stop at the workshop door.

Come to the workshop meet with us and see for yourself.

The Holden Guru specialises in all types' motor vehicle mechanical repairs and servicing.

Our doors are always open please come and visit today!

You will not be disappointed - Frank Tedesco

Servicing Your Classic

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed by our Workmanship!

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